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Boston Expands Lawsuit Against Massachusetts Gaming Commission

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh is sueing the Massachusetts Gaming Commission over their decision to award a license up to a Wynn casino task in Everett.

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh is not happy in regards to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission's decision to award a casino to Wynn Resorts in Everett.

On Wednesday, that displeasure was expressed through an expanded version of the lawsuit the city had already filed against the state gaming commission, one that accuses the board of violating Massachusetts' casino legislation and the commission's own guidelines on how to award licenses to prospective casino operators.

Based on a study by Andrea Estes regarding the Boston Globe, the new lawsuit claims that the payment broke rules on several occasions in an effort to ensure the Wynn project would be chosen more than a Mohegan Sun-backed proposal at Suffolk Downs in Revere.

The city of Boston would have received $18 million per from the Suffolk Downs casino thanks to an agreement negotiated between the city and the developers of that resort year.

However, no such deal was made between the town and Wynn Resorts, meaning that the gaming commission's decision to supply the license towards the Everett casino may have cost the city significant income.

Boston Alleges 16 Prohibited Actions

The brand new form of the problem is similar to the lawsuit that is original by the city of Boston back in January.

However, the lawsuit that is

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Car Loan Methods

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