Agreement Powder
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Agreement Powder

Agreement Powder

Permitted Uses. Unless I access the Platform under a separate written agreement defining how I use the Platform, I understand that I may only use the Platform for academic research purposes or for the short-term evaluation of the Platform to determine eligibility for commercial research (each, an «Authorized Use»). For the avoidance of doubt, research in support of military applications or commercial use does not constitute academic research and can only be conducted on the basis of a separate written agreement. To report an alleged violation of this policy, contact the Powder NPC ( Prohibited Uses. I understand that it is my responsibility to comply with all laws applicable to the use of the Platform. Some parts of the platform are capable of sending and receiving radio frequency communications by radio in a public environment. I understand that the use of these frequencies is regulated by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and that the transmission of signals on these frequencies is governed by state and federal laws and regulations. I also understand that Powder`s use of these frequencies may be restricted or restricted by operating or other agreements with third party spectrum licensees. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to understand the terms and requirements of all applicable government regulations and the terms that Powder must comply with with with respect to third parties to the extent provided to me by Powder, and to comply with them in my use of the Platform. I will not use the Platform for any purpose that is unlawful or otherwise inconsistent with applicable laws or regulations or contractual restrictions to which Powder is subject. I understand that Powder administrators may provide information about me and my use of the Platform in order to maintain, improve and administer the Platform, provide Platform Support, verify my eligibility to use the Platform, and as otherwise required by applicable law.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, including laws relating to public access to open records, powder administrators will put in place appropriate safeguards to protect the identity of users and the confidentiality of their data. Powder administrators may attempt to provide isolated compute and storage resources for a limited period of time to facilitate the user`s efforts to maintain data privacy, but it is the user`s responsibility to arrange for such resources to be made available. THESE RESOURCES ARE PROVIDED «AS IS» AND WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. RF communication by radio cannot, by its very nature, be protected against interception by third parties; Users must take reasonable precautions with respect to the sensitive data they transmit. Powder does not represent its ability to process User Data in accordance with certain specific legal, accreditation, or industry-specific privacy or security requirements (such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and users may not use the Platform to store or transfer data if such a requirement applies. Bryan Denny, Western Field Office, Special Agent for the Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS), said: «DCIS is committed to working with our law enforcement partners and the Department of Justice to combat those who seek to exploit the military`s supply system. Any case of fraud or corruption can harm the mission of the military or those who serve and waste taxpayers` money unnecessarily. SAN DIEGO – Tungsten Heavy Powder, Inc. (THP) agreed to pay $5,641,114 to resolve allegations that it violated the False Allegations Act by falsely certifying that it sourced materials from products in the United States for items it manufactured under a contract with the Israeli government funded by the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agreement Agency (DSCA). THP is a San Diego-based company that manufactures and supplies tungsten products, including those used in U.S. military applications and ammunition.

THP supplied weapons systems that manufactured items and services to U.S. Department of Defense agencies and the Government of Israel. The False Claims Act allegations, which were resolved, were originally filed as part of a lawsuit filed by a former THP employee, Gregory Caputo, and Global Tungsten & Powders Corporation under the Qui Tam or whistleblower provisions of the False Claims Act, which allow individuals with knowledge of fraud against the government to take legal action on behalf of the government and participate in any recovery. Mr. Caputo and Tungsten & Powders Corporation globally will receive seventeen percent of the proceeds from the settlement. Any use for commercial purposes without judgment or to provide services to third parties, including, for example, the provision of communication services to individuals or organizations Powder administrators reserve the right to exercise judgment regarding the use of the Platform and its resources and to restrict or terminate access in their sole discretion. Any use resulting in a violation of any other provision of this AUP (or a modified version of the AUP that may apply to the use of the Platform at the time of such use) Any use that is not in accordance with a request from the Platform Administrators regarding the security, protection or integrity of the Platform or research supported or related to the Platform In this case, this case will be associated with the United States of America. gregory Caputo and Global Tungsten & Powders Corporation v. Tungsten Heavy Powder, Inc., d/b/a Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts, Inc., Case No. 18-cv-2352-W (WVG). This case was handled by U.S. Assistant Prosecutors Joseph Purcell and Paul Starita of the U.S.

Attorney`s Affirmative Civil Enforcement Unit in coordination with special agents from the Defense Criminal Investigative Service and the United States. Command of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Army and personnel of the Defence Security Cooperation Agency. Any use that would constitute a crime or violation of law, including using the Platform to commit fraud or make material misrepresentations, or to promote criminal activity or in a manner that violates FCC rules. . Please log in with your ACS ID before logging into your Mendeley account. Stop a user`s experience, including deleting associated data; In general, only the information you provide or the choices you make when you visit a website can be stored in a cookie. For example, the website can only determine your email name if you enter it. If you allow a website to create a cookie, that website or any other website will not give you access to the rest of your computer, and only the website that created the cookie will be able to read it. This site does not store anything more than an automatically generated session ID in the cookie; no other information is collected.

In addition to the other consequences described herein, a violation of this AUP may result in one of the following results: To promote U.S. manufacturing, subsidies for foreign sourcing are only available if the materials originate and are manufactured in the United States by domestic companies. Disable a user`s access to radio frequencies used by Powder; Note: If you switch to another device, you may be prompted to sign in again using only your ACS ID.

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