Affidavit Format for Name Change Sri Lanka
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Affidavit Format for Name Change Sri Lanka

Affidavit Format for Name Change Sri Lanka

An affidavit of change of name is an affidavit used to verify the identity of a person working under multiple names. This document can be useful for anyone who uses a name that has not been officially changed by a court or by marriage. You can also use this document if you have recently married, divorced, or officially changed your name, but need additional verification of your name change. Another person, preferably a blood relative, who has personal knowledge of you using both your legal name and the name you have chosen, will complete this affidavit. 2. The couple`s common photo must be affixed to the affidavit and certified by the notary with his signature and stamps 1. That my maiden name __ That I got married [husband`s name] on [date of marriage] at [place of marriage]. 3. After the wedding, my name is __________ 5. I submit that [maiden name] and [current name] are the name of one and the same person and that is myself. ___________ Other names for this document: Affidavit of One and the Same, Affidavit of Same Name, Change of Name Affidavit The examples of documents provided in this document are provided for informational purposes only and may be used at the user`s discretion. These serve only as a guide and their content must be adapted according to the needs.

Although Lawbench covers general guidelines, it does not guarantee access to visas, entry into the United States of America, or any other form of privilege. Lawbench and its affiliates are not responsible for any loss or damage that may result from the use of these sample documents. In some cases, women change their name to take their spouse`s surname after marriage, and most documents include the maiden name. If you are applying for a visa or change of status in the United States with your new name, you must provide an affidavit stating that the name mentioned in the following documents (include the list of documents) and your current name refer to the same person. The example below is a template for the affidavit for name change after marriage. 4. The affidavit is required the first time the names of the spouses are to be noted in their respective passports. An affidavit of change of name is an affidavit used to verify the identity of a person working under multiple names.

This document can be useful for anyone who uses a name that. Read more I make this declaration in order to submit it to the competent authorities for name change. I hereby declare that all that is said above is faithful to the best of my knowledge and belief. NOTES: 1. The affidavit must be sworn before a notary. Each Rocket Lawyer name change affidavit form can be fully customized for your individual scenario. When you are ready to start the process, you can tap or click on the «Create Document» button. Your affidavit will be compiled piece by piece so you can be sure it contains all the proper information. AFFIDAVIT FOR CHANGE OF NAME AFTER MARRIAGE (Please enter this affidavit after carefully reading the notes mentioned in the format) 3.

An affidavit is required when a passport bearing an applicant`s married name is first issued. ____[Signature of representative]______ ________Date_________ Yes, a name change form must be accepted by a notary. Witnesses are not legally required. Creating an affidavit of name change is usually easy to do. However, you might still have legal questions. Getting a second opinion on the document may take longer than expected if you try to do it yourself. .

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