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Why don’t people report workplace harassment that is sexual?

Luker claims a few of the reasons victims of workplace sexual harassment therefore usually decide to not make an official report are deficiencies in help and security. “People may well not feel comfortable speaking up when there’s a shortage of robust policies, procedural rigor or reporting frameworks. Additionally, whenever there’s a observed or real not enough effects, not enough dedication from leaders or perhaps the perpetrator won’t get caught because there won’t be an investigation that is thorough people don’t feel safe reporting wrongdoing,” he says.

Susan Fowler’s article detailing the sexual harassment she experienced at Uber had been remarkable for several reasons. One of them ended up being her cool recitation of this unsatisfactory actions of her supervisor along with her careful account of just just how both HR and management that is upper ignored her complaints and rather fired up her. But probably the many remarkable thing is the fact that Fowler spoke up after all – first internally after which externally.