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Made for Metis: Geo-Tagged Places of Interest & Musician Contacts on Your local craigslist ads

In this month's edition on the Made from Metis site series, we are going to highlighting a couple of recent learner projects that have already to do with touring new metropolitan areas. In the 1st example, a student explored different and much better ways to locate places of interest though planning trips. In the subsequently, a student attempted to understand how plus why musicians sought and located connections in several cities suggests Craigslist. Master much more pertaining to both appealing projects underneath:

When deciding what to observe, explore, take, and more within a new city, many people decide on online research pertaining to reviews in addition to write-ups. And here is one example:

'Hawk Hill is known as a 923-foot summit in the Marin Headlands, just north from the yellow metal Gate Conduit and surrounding the Golden Gate strait right from San Francisco, Los angeles. The incline is within the very Golden Door National Playground. "

Or maybe, if you're Metis graduate Kalgi Shah, you'd prefer to check out an image like the one below to acquire a visual sensation of position rather than just studying about it.


Shah can be a travel lover and someone who'd choose to plan your ex adventures working with photos in the form of guide. Still she detects many place-of-interest recommendation products and services to be "painful to use. " So your woman got to work on creating her own product, labeled SNAPLOC, which usually "does semi-automatic or fully automatic image category and spatiotemporal analysis so that you can recommend the particular places of interest with regard to traveling in a new urban center, " this lady explained from a blog post concerning project, which she carried out as the girl final task while a student at Metis.