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Ask Orlando: despite having no indication of a 'keep off' sign, is it possible to fish in a physical human body of water from the highway?

Every every now and then I’ll see some body fishing in a retention pond off a highway, and each right time i ask myself “why will they be here?”

exactly exactly What might be in there that’s worth coming to this type of noisy and area that is dangerous.

A audience desires to know why individuals seafood in retention ponds and what type of wildlife occur during these man-made systems of water for the next Ask Orlando concern.

My colleague, Shannon Green, did a great job responding to that question earlier in 2010. Evidently there’s a whole lot of good seafood to get within these man-made ponds that are frequently restocked.

It's lawfully acceptable to seafood within these systems of water— under the proper conditions..

A freshwater must be had by the fisherman fishing permit issued because of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and also you can’t be trespassing.

One reader asked, imagine if a “no trespassing sign” is not current? Will it be appropriate to fish within these systems of water? If you don't, imagine if We catch a bluegill or perhaps a shellcracker? Am I going to need certainly to hand it up to regulations?

Unlike the seafood, the clear answer is pretty cut and dry.